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March 28th, 1982

Well, this is more like it. We've won three out our last four matches.

I may have found my focus again. Although, the next month in April and that is going to be difficult. It'll be the first birthday without-

Focus, Deirdre.

Well, we're off until the seventh, which is when we play the Harpies. Should be a good one.

The weather's getting warmer (well, sort-of), which means more favourable conditions for playing. That's good, considering we play three times in April. but that's not as many as the Bats, who play five times, if I read the schedule correctly (have fun with that, Shannon). Unfortunately, not one of those matches is against us.

But the match with the Magpies on the 15th should be good, if nothing else than the fact that a couple of my cousins from Hogwarts are going to be there if their mother lets them go on Easter Sunday, that is.

I suppose I should get to bed. There's an early practice in the morning.
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