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April 11th, 1982

Yesterday was Fabian's birthday. It's the first one since he died. I didn't deal so well. I didn't even finish practice, but went home halfway through and had a really good cry. I've been doing better, but sometimes you just really need to cry and yesterday everything hit me all at once again-

This is never going to get any easier, is it?

I don't want to do the family thing at Easter this year. There's always so many people and it will be go go go if Aunt Nola has her way and I really would just like my space. That's why it's been good staying with Alison and Ralden. They respect that, no questions asked.

But I have to go. It's family, it's Easter and it's expected. Maybe I can duck out early. I have a match Easter Sunday anyway. At least I can get out of the gatherings that day.

Well, it looks to be an exciting weekend. Easter and Quidditch. Can't beat that.

Go Kestrels.
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