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August 21st, 1982

Well, I've been home for a few days, but that whole time zone thing is messing me up again. Which is not good, because the regular season starts again in a couple of weeks and so training for that is basically in full swing again. Ugh. I am incredibly sluggish right now. It's not good.

We have a couple of new faces this year so far, the summer's not over with yet, which is exciting. Dougal, we're going to miss you, though! I'm hoping we can improve on last season's finish, and I think I will hold myself responsible if we don't because I am going to play better. I'm excited for the new season to start. The slate's wiped clean, so to speak. A chance to start over. Just don't expect me to start any matches at the end of October.

I had a brilliant time in Japan. I'm disappointed we lost, of course, but I'm pleased Australia won. I had some good family time as well, with my mother, brother, sister-in-law and nephew around. Personally, I think the change of scenery worked wonders. Melisande, I took your advice and went to the see the sunrise on Mount Fuji before I left, and it was absolutely breathtaking. Mam came up with me, and... words really cannot describe it. It was so peaceful (there weren't a lot of people up there with us) and a perfect way to end my month. I went off myself for a little while, and did some self-reflection on the past ten months. I cried a little, and tried to hide it when I made my way back to Mam, but she definitely knew what was up.
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Well I'm glad you went.