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November 26th, 1982

It was really good timing for me this weekend. We have both days off, so I was able to go to Hogwarts (not like it's far) this afternoon to watch my cousins play in Hufflepuff versus Ravenclaw. I was cheering for both of them to do well, but... well. I am still a Hufflepuff at heart (Niamh, I do hope you understand). I think the quality of Hogwarts Quidditch seems to be getting better every match I see, or at least the Chasers. They were fast today. And Ravenclaw's Keeper was absolutely amazing. He looked quite comfortable out there, with all those shots raining down on him. I was very impressed. And impressed with Bridget and Niamh, too. They're really coming into their own. NIamh, I hope you try out for U21 this year.

The Kestrels were one for one this month. We beat the Arrows, but lost last weekend to Portree. Both were well-fought games, and could have really gone either way. We don't play again until the 4th, so there's a few days to work out the bugs and hope it all comes together.

I went to visit Shannon and Jimmy this afternoon, after I was finished at Hogwarts, and I must say that it's hard to believe that he'll be two months old on Monday. It feels just like yesterday that he was born. It's still hard

I think I might just have a lie-in tomorrow. We don't have training, so I don't have any reason, really, to get up early.
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