Deirdre Ryan-Prewett (killarneypride) wrote,
Deirdre Ryan-Prewett

May 23rd, 1984

I don't think the pain of missing Fabian will ever go away, but each year it gets easier to bear. Or maybe I'm just getting used to that fact that the whole April/May period I'm just not at my best, both personally and professionally. ...That all said, though, the Kestrels have won four matches in a row, and I have played for the majority of that time.

Maybe I'm just finally learning how to separate my emotions from my playing.

I'm just glad we didn't have a match or practice or anything on Monday, though. It was the third anniversary I've seen without Fabian.

I can't believe it will have been three years this October since he's been gone.

I have to say... it's been a really good year for the Kestrels this season. Everyone seems to be on their A game, we've moved up in the standings... I can't really complain! Hard to believe we've only got a couple of games left, though. Though I think I'm only scheduled to play in the game against the Arrows next weekend. We close out the season against the Cannons, and seeing as how I haven't played against them all year... I've enjoyed playing against my cousins, though. It's still a bit wild to think that we're all playing professionally. And I imagine Niamh will join the ranks to some degree in a couple of years.

And, of course, I can't forget that our Seeker is finally a married bloke! Congrats again, Aidan (and Arbalest too, of course!).
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