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April 20th, 1982

I practically begged my family and friends to treat my birthday yesterday as if it was just another day. No special dinners, no special get-togethers... none of that. And for once, they actually listened. It was my first birthday in five years without Fabian around to help me celebrate it and I needed some private time to help deal with that.

Going out with the team last Sunday night was fine enough for a birthday thing. Gods, they're fun. And they're doing their best to help me through things, and I don't think I've realised just how much I'm grateful for that. It had been a long time since I got really, really drunk like that (and had the matching hangover on Monday to match). It had been awhile since I laughed that much.

I can't believe how well we all played against the Magpies. I mean, I can, because I know we are a good team and we've been doing well lately, but at the same time... it's been awhile since we had such a dominant performance. It's too late in the season for us to make a run for the top of the standing, but if we can continue to say in the middle of the pack... with the year I've had, that we've all had, I'll be satisfied.

Of course, now things are complicated with the World Cup, and qualifying and all of that. Even if Ireland doesn't make it, I'm still going to Japan, I think. I need to get out of the country for a bit, and Quidditch has always been a good distraction.

But I still feel like I'm going through the motions of things in a haze. It's almost been six months, and some days I wake up and relive the events as if it was just yesterday.

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