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January 28th, 1983

Fifteen months, almost exactly to the day.

I can hear Fabian know; hear what he'd have to say about the outcome of this latest trial. I've been trying to keep up on reading about those sorts of things, but it was so much easier to follow when he was here.

I'm moving next month. Back to Ireland, back to County Kerry. Not back to Killarney, though. I have (or will have) a house in the village of Waterville, on the Iveragh Peninsula with a view of the bay. Loads of space and fresh air and all of that. I've never owned an actual house before, so I've been foraging a new path trying to get this all worked out, but I think I've got almost everything settled now. Well, as much as things can be settled with me and my things still here.

I'll miss living in Hogsmeade, but there are too many memories here. I know I keep saying that, but-

I'm taking Fabian's things with me, though. I can't bear to do anything with them just yet, so I packed everything up into a couple of boxes and they're going to make the move with me. I wonder what he would have thought about living in Ireland. We never did talk about leaving Hogsmeade, but I know it would have been on the radar eventually.

In unrelated news, I think Ainsley might be on to something about the whole Adam thing, but I really can't honestly blame him-
It's also still weird to see Jason with Marian. But he seems happy, and so I'm happy for him. Really.

The Kestrels have this weekend off, so that means I'm going to be in the stands watching a couple of matches. Caerphilly/Appleby tomorrow (well, today now) and Puddlemere/Holyhead on Sunday. That one is of particular interest, since those are the next two teams that I'll get to play against because I haven't played against the Cannons since I made first-string.

Ralden's birthday is on Sunday as well, which means that he is going to be caught up to me in age for a couple of months (darn you). I don't think there's anything really set in stone for what is going on past some people gathering at his place for drinks tomorrow, but I think that's exactly how he wants it. I hope you like your present.
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