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April 10th, 1983

Well, today is Fabian's birthday. It's the second one that's arrived since he died and it's just as hard as the first.

Needless to say, today is not a good day, and I was off my game in training this morning because of it. I try and use Quidditch as a distraction from everything else, but sometimes my mind just lets things in anyway. I've been working on keeping it shut when I'm on the pitch, but we all have our weak moments. It's just that mine for the past while have been sort of predictable.

I'm just going to spend the rest of the night curled up with a bottle of wine and see where it takes me.

I hate that I'm still like this, and that I can get like this at the drop of a hat.

We have the Magpies and Falcons this month, both sandwiched around my birthday. Should be a good time all around. I was looking at checking out another match towards the end of the month (it's been ages since I went to one that I wasn't playing in), but I haven't decided which one I'd like to see the most.

I'm really enjoying my new house! Working on getting it all fixed up, too. I've started making a garden out front, and that certainly has brightened the place up. It all certainly keeps me busy and sane. I've met a couple of my neighbours and while they wonder why a woman in her mid-twenties just up and moves here out of the blue they're just brilliant. The couple who owns the house a couple down the road from me invited me over for dinner tomorrow night. I hope that goes well. They're the same age as my brothers, and they've got a four kids, so it should be a full table.
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