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August 5th, 1983

As brilliant as this summer has been, I think the upcoming season is going to be even better. This is going to be Kenmare's year. Count on it!

I'm having some of the family in for dinner and drinks tonight... This means I have to make dinner for quite a few people. Gulp. No doubt my aunts will try and take over, though. And Mam. It should be interesting. It will be the first time I've done something like this (Kestrels parties so do not count, as there was way more drinking than cooking), so as long as everyone comes out in one piece, I'll breathe a sigh of relief. Mary Clare likely won't be here, though. The poor girl is ten days past her due date. Whenever she has her baby, though, that will mean another- I mean, it's just a bit ridiculous. Then again, maybe this kid knows about the crap that he or she is about to be born into and doesn't want any part of it. Smart idea.

Whoops, I just heard a timer go off! My cue to run and make sure nothing catches on fire or smokes or whatever, obviously.
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