I've been watching you for the longest time

...I've noticed a thing or two.

Deirdre Ryan-Prewett
19 April 1957
I don't profess to know the pain
That you carry deep within your veins.
My eyes have never seen the battlefields
You've walked through,
But I'll walk with you

You, you've been locked inside,
Still the world outside isn't waiting 'round for you.
I'm here to tell you something, not here to preach or nothing,
I'm just here to listen, won't you let me lend an ear


deirdre maureen ryan-prewett.

born – 19 april 1957 (28).
raised – killarney, kerry, ireland.
blood – half.
schooled – hufflepuff, class of 1975.
now living – waterville, kerry, ireland (formerly hogsmeade, scotland).
working – staring keeper for the kenmare kestrels, reserve keeper for irish national.
family – norah (mother) and patrick (father). connor (older brother), noreen (sister-in-law), caitlyn (niece) and grady (nephew). carey (older brother), ainsley (sister-in-law) and callum (nephew). christian (father-in-law), molly (sister-in-law) and gideon (brother-in-law, deceased). shannon, bridget, niamh, michelle, doireann (cousins), and other ryans, flahertys and prewetts.
marital – widow; formerly married to fabian prewett [deceased] (19 may 1979 - 26 october 1981).
otherwise – utterly devestated by the death of her husband (and brother-in-law) at the hands of the death eaters. still working through the grief process. a self-proclaimed workaholic. optimistic, laid-back and tomboyish. very much a 'family first' type. just a little naïve, but being married to an auror hardened her up a bit. best mates with ralden basil. hates to step on toes. aspiring first-string irish national team player. currently on the reserves. new homeowner.


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